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Giant 24V Big Kids Ride On Super Car XXL 180W Motor & Rubber Tires - White

$1,599.99 $999.99
(You save $600.00)
Due to limited quantities Limit 1 Per Household Order, Item usually ships out in 7-10 business days
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Product Description

The all new 24-Volt Super Car XXL ride-on is an electric car designed for the older kids! With a top speed of around 10 MPH, that’s 3 times faster than your average ride-on car! This two-seater has it all, from working headlights & brake lights to functioning doors. You will also notice the beautifully painted finish on this 24v Super Car.



Some Exclusive features include plush leather seats and air-filled rubber tires. There is also In-Dash Entertainment that has an AUX input, USB Thumb Drive & Bluetooth connection to make it easy to play your favorite tunes all day. Speaking of a smooth ride, this 24 volt ride on Super Car has a variable speed foot pedal so you control how fast you go by pressing hard or soft on the pedal.


The 24v Super Car XXL is powered by a huge 180W brushless motor attached to a direct drive Automotive style differential to get you up to the speed you need. When it comes time to stop you can rely on the dual rear disk brakes to slow things down, and count on the real air-filled rubber tires for a smooth, quiet ride. This giant sized 24v ride on car sits on a welded steel tube frame and has a smooth tight turning radius thanks to the precise front steering rack.


When it comes time for a Re-Charge you can charge the 24v Super Car via the in-dash charging port or just pop the hood, remove the battery, and use the included battery charging adapter exclusively included at Big Toys Green Country. If the included battery is not enough fun, we have you covered. Simply select the extra battery when purchasing so the fun can keep going!

Assembling your Super Car from us is very easy with just a few things to snap into place and a few adjustments that will take around 25 minutes.

Key Features

  • Huge 180-Watt 24-Volt Brushless Motor
  • Opening Doors
  • Speeds of around 10 MPH
  • Great for ages 6 and up to small Adult!
  • Working Headlights & Brake Lights
  • Aux input for your Phone or MP3 Player
  • Real Air-Filled Rubber Tires 
  • USB/MP3 Connectivity
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Exclusive variable speed foot pedal
  • Brake pedal to slow down
  • Built in music
  • Painted Finish on Body
  • Heavy Duty Disk Brakes On Rear
  • Leather Seats
  • Parking Hand Brake
  • All Steel Frame
  • Rear heavy duty differential
  • Safety Seat Belts
  • Forward and Reverse Shifter
  • 2-Speed in car High & Low Switch
  • Includes 24v Battery
  • Exclusive charging adapter cable to charge battery outside of vehicle
  • 24-Volt wall charger


  • Max rider weight - 200 Lbs
  • Seating width 28"
  • Charging time 8-12 hours
  • Run time: 30-60 minutes
  • 12.5" diameter tires
  • Back of seat to pedal 29"
  • Weight of Car 135 LBS
  • Height of car 28"
  • Width of car 42"
  • Length of car 66"

This is a larger, faster toy that is to be operated in a safe open area away from objects and people. Parental supervision is required and we also recommend wearing safety gear at all times.

Warranty Information

Exclusive Big Toys Green Country product come standard with Lifetime tech support. We also Have replacement parts for all of our toys in stock and include a 1 year warranty on parts.
This is a heavy toy, minor blemishes or rub marks in painted body are normal due to the shipping process and large size of this toy. Major shipping damage must be reported immediately or will be assumed as user damage.

Product Videos

Big Toys Green Country Giant 24v Super Car XXL 02:09

24v Big Toys Super Car XXL Exclusivly at

  • Big Toys Green...
    24v Big Toys Super Car XXL Exclusivly at www.bigtoysgreencount...

Product Reviews

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  1. Amazing Vehicle 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Jan 2020

    This thing is amazing! It blows away all other ride on toys. My daughter loves riding in this thing. It you are considering, I HIGHLY recommend getting one.

    Watch the YouTube video regarding the assembly, but one item not covered in the video is the steering linkages. The linkages use lock nuts to keep everything together while still giving the system freedom to rotate. There can be a little too much “play” in the steering which can cause the car to “shimmy” side to side. Fixing this is very easy, just tighten the lock nuts all the way (2 at each spindle, and one at the base of the steering column) and then loosen about 1/4 turn. This will tighten up the steering feel significantly.

    Now for the fun part. I cannot leave anything alone (and my daughter is a terrible driver) so I have turned this into a giant remote control car (throttle, brakes, and return-to-center steering). Well, while I was in there I thought “what else can I do?” So I have removed the factory 24v batter and replaced it with a 72v battery back. I also replaced the controller with an upgraded unit. DO NOT put a higher voltage battery on the stock controller, it will fry. With these two changes, the top speed with me in it is about 25 MPH. I have a feeling the first thing to go will be the motor, but I have a spare and will rebuild the motor to handle the higher power when it dies.

    Now, do not attempt this unless you are very comfortable with you tinkering ability. There were troubleshooting issues way beyond the scope of a product review.

    Having said that, whether you keep this vehicle stock or modify it, your kid will LOVE IT!

  2. My wifes favorite toy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Oct 2019

    SO i bought this for my 2 kids, ages 6 and 9, but its my wife who uses it the most. She's tiny and drives this around more than the kids do, but they all have fun with it. As long as they're happy, I'm happy.

  3. Friggin Awesome 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Sep 2019

    Just awesome from the point of delivery, 15 minutes putting the final pieces together and my daughter was off. She loves it and it is PERFECT for her. Nice step up from the Power Wheels catr she used to have but got too big for. She is 16 with down syndrome and low speed was perfect to get her familiar with the car, but after a day, she likes using the faster speed. Now she has a car like her brothers. Quiet, well built with all the bells and whistles, especially having her own keys. She even gave one of our neighbors a quick ride.

  4. wow!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jul 2019

    Super cool toy, we just received it and all the neighbors are jealous, This thing blast past their john deere gator power wheels lol!

  5. Bad Ass Toy Love It 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jul 2019

    This is the most amazing thing ever! It larger than any power wheels, and so realistic with the real rubber tires and metal frame!! We love that we can ride with our 5 yr old it turns everyone's head at the local park!!! Thanks Big Toys

  6. Love it 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Jun 2019

    This is just as described my taller 6yr old loves this thing we have had it for a couple weeks and all is good, the real tires are so cool we get about 1.5 hours out of each battery, the extra battery is well worth it!!

  7. 5 stars 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Jun 2019

    This thing is amazing our 9 year old loves it it fits her perfect!!!! this is so awesome they made this larger size for the older kids, its WAY faster than the power wheels junk!!!

  8. I was a skeptic at first 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Jun 2019

    We just received the item and i have to say its possibly the coolest thing i have ever seen, This was a bright red one for our sons birthday, the car came nicely packed and took me and my wife to remove from the box due to the huge size. At first look the toy seems very sturdy on the bottom with a steel frame, as i looked to the bottom back i found the giant electric motor the size of a large coffee can along with the thick gearbox and axle, it looks as if it would be used on a golf kart as big as it is. I proceeded to install the steering wheel and seats all very easy only took me 20 minutes, at this point i could not resist but to take it for a test run, once i jumped in and pressed the pedal i was over impressed, this thing is totally quiet!! As i made my way down the driveway i could feel a breeze in my hair, I then turned back up the drive way effortlessly with the power it puts out, I ran in the house over joyed as a kid on Christmas and told my wife "you got to see this" I jumped back in and she stood over me with her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes at my childish fun, I convinced her to get in and off we went (me and the wife both in the toy is 344 lbs) we sailed down the drive way and back up with endless power and nothing but smiles, we almost felt guilty as we were playing with our sons new birthday present while he was asleep. after about 20 mins of guilty fun we put it in the garage for our boys birthday in the morning, when he saw it he was over joyed of course!!! At 6yrs old just turned 6 he does have to sit a little forward on the seat to reach the pedal but he dosent mind as he flys up and down the sidewalk and around the house, all the kids with power wheels get passed like the wind!!! We give this toy 100 stars its the best ever and its amazing how innovative toys are becoming!!!