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Products only ship to the lower 47 United States. Products cannot be shipped across borders to Canada, Mexico, or Alaska and cannot be air-shipped to Hawaii. Products cannot be shipped to California due to restrictions by the California Energy Commission.

All shipping is insured in case of damage.

Shipping Times: We work to provide fast shipping, however the products we sell are shipped in large, heavy boxes that require manual loading/unloading and take much longer to be shipped out than smaller packages. Most smaller packages can be processed and transferred via conveyor belts in shipping facilities, so they can be shipped faster than the large products that we sell. For this reason, tracking numbers for our products may not update as quickly as other smaller packages. There is no overnight or expedited shipping available.

Shipping Estimates: Most products take anywhere from 1-5 business days to ship out of the warehouse and are estimated for delivery within 5-10 business days once they leave the warehouse, unless they ship via freight. Freight items take anywhere from 5-10 business days to ship out of the warehouse and are estimated for delivery within 10-20 business days once they leave the warehouse. Keep in mind, freight items are only shipped once a week, so it may be several days after the order date for a freight item to be shipped. Again, keep in mind that these are only estimates, and no shipping times/dates are guaranteed.

 Shipping & Handling Method: Orders are typically shipped via FedEx Ground or UPS. Some Large/Heavy items are shipped via LTL Freight truck. LTL Freight orders CANNOT be shipped to any Apartments, Condominiums, or Complexes. They also cannot be shipped to any residence that requires delivery to a second floor or higher. In very rare situations, LTL freight orders can incur additional shipping charges in certain areas of the country. BTGC will contact you if there are additional charges to discuss options and billing before the unit is shipped. Most orders will ship out from the West Coast.

Signature Requests: In most cases, if a signature is required for packages upon delivery this is done by the carrier. However, Big Toys will require signatures in some rare cases such as a product being shipped to an area that has had a recent theft. Most of the time signatures are required, but not always. This means in certain areas if the carrier believes the package will be safe, they may leave it on your porch in your absence. 

Peak Holiday Price Increase: During the peak Christmas holiday season, our shippers (such as FedEx) add a "Peak Holiday Surcharge" and this is reflective in our pricing beginning on October 1st and extending through Dec 31st of each year.

Ordering Multiple Items: Our suppliers may refuse to ship multiple items at one time due to the increased risk of shipping damage. For this reason, we limit orders to 1 item per household. If you are in need of two items, you may place an order for one item first and ensure it arrives without damage, then place a second order after it is delivered.

Larger Priced Products: In some cases with high-ticketed items, a wire transfer may be required for payment.




1. When To Order: Be sure to order ASAP. Inventory is running out daily due to the busy Christmas season and once items are out of stock, they will not return until 2023. Most products are out of stock before the Black Friday/Cyber Monday holidays, so if there is a specific product you are interested in, it is best to order it while it is still available. 

2. Shipping Estimates: Shipping times are not guaranteed as detailed above. Be sure to allow plenty of time for shipping times with delays. Shipping delays are extremely common during November and December with all shipping companies across the country due to the increase in products being shipped at this time of the year.

3. Shipping Damage: If ordering early, be sure to open and inspect the product for shipping damage immediately. Per our Returns/Exchanges Policy page, we must receive photos of shipping damage within THREE days of delivery in order for our suppliers to file a shipping damage claim. If an item is delivered several weeks before Christmas and a customer waits until the week of Christmas to open and inspect it, any shipping damage will not be covered by our suppliers due to the extended timeframe between delivery and inspection. If your product does arrive with shipping damage please DO NOT assemble the product until we assess damage photos or it will be considered user damage and also will not be covered. Replacement parts can take 1-2 weeks to be delivered and overnight/expedited shipping is not an option, so for this reason please be sure to assemble the product with plenty of time for a replacement part to be delivered if needed.

4. Assembly & Testing: If your product arrives and is not damaged, please be sure to assemble it ASAP to ensure the product is in working order and ready for Christmas Day. 99% of the time, items work perfectly on arrival but due to the rough shipping during the holiday season, there are rare occasions in which a single wire or connection is loose which can prevent the product from powering on or working correctly. You may also have questions on assembly and/or use of the toy. Any of these issues can be easily resolved with our tech team via phone or email, however we will be unavailable for support after December 21st. So if a customer waits until December 21st or later to assemble and test the toy, any questions or issues we receive via email will not be addressed until our offices re-open on Monday, December 26th.

Note: You may locate the "Parts & Accessories" link at the bottom of our website and you will find a link to our Tech Support channel which features several assembly/help videos for various products. 

5. Parts Replacement: Again, 99% of the time, items work perfectly on arrival and if they do not, the issue is usually related to a loose connection or a setting that needs adjustment. However, on very rare occasions a singular part can be non-working on arrival so as stated above, please assemble and test the product ASAP in case any replacement parts are needed. Replacement parts can take 1-2 weeks to be delivered and overnight/expedited shipping is not an option, so for this reason please be sure to test the product with plenty of time for a replacement part to be delivered if needed.