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RC Power Wheels Conversion Kit

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Rc Power Wheels Conversion Kit we get this question a lot, "Do you offer a kit to bolt into my power wheels jeep to make it Remote controlled?"  or "Is it possible to buy the parts for the products to put in my power wheels to make it RC?" Unfortunately the answer  their is No its a little more complicated than that. The RC power wheels we offer are made from the factory this way and have steering gear boxes that are the same as the drive motors with a receiver unit that gives them the RC ability, Its cheaper to just buy the complete toy we offer than try to convert a power wheels car due to our RC power wheels start as low as 200.00 free shipping. I know their are some people that are the do it your self type out there but it can get very expensive when trying to covert a 80lb power wheels jeep to Remote function. due to you will need a very powerful servo for the steering and servos of that nature can cost up to 400 to 900 bucks. So its always good to do your math and see whats best for you and be sure to check out our full line of Remote controlled power wheels at Big Toys Green Country

Power Wheels RC conversion

Have you ever dreamed of driving your child around in their power wheels car because they are not quiet ready to drive ? Well its possible but you must way the cost and the work. I my self a avid RC guy have done this with a old 90s Power wheels jeep. It has a [...]

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