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24v Challenger XL 2.0 4x4 Ride On Buggy w/ Leather Seat & Rubber Tires - White

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NEW Original Big Toys Challenger 4x4 XL 2.0 Buggy 

The all new Challenger 4x4 XL 2.0 is one of our larger UTV-style ride on toys at almost 5' Long! Your kids can enjoy driving with almost unlimited power. Some cool features include a working horn, working headlights, and a built in audio system with an AUX Input, Micro SD / Regular SD card slot, a USB thumb drive input, and even Bluetooth connectivity so they can listen to their favorite tunes. This large ride on truck has upgraded factory installed 24v drive motors on each wheel for max torque and speed so your child can enjoy going up all the hills and speeding down the sidewalks. Some other notable exclusive features include rubber tires, an adjustable plush leather seat, shifter and a parental RC remote so the parents can play along too. Some minor assembly required.


We offer the original fully loaded BIG MOTOR 24V Version with exclusive high RPM factory upgraded premium drive motors. Not sold on Amazon or anywhere else online. A warning to our customers about knock off versions being sold on other sites: We offer the exclusive original version with all factory upgrades. Recently, more knock-off versions that look similar have been found on other sites. We want to assure our customers that you are getting the best when you buy it from us. Don't be fooled by other names such as "Extreme Buggy XL", "Super Buggy XL 4x4", "XXL Dune Buggy 4X4" and other scammer names.


Other features include a luxury plush leather seat and large 15" rubber tires that provide a comfortable ride and great traction!


The parental remote control features the emergency STOP button. When your child is driving near potential danger, you can press this button to disable the foot pedal and prevent the toy from moving further. The remote can control speed and directions forward, reverse, left, & right. Give your toddler control themselves using the steering wheel, foot pedal, and controls in the vehicle, or you can join in on the fun if they cannot yet maneuver the vehicle themselves.


The 24v Challenger XL includes upgraded Long Travel rear suspension and front internal cup suspension for a smooth ride!


All new exclusive plush rubber tires with Dual Layer Technology!


  • Rechargeable 24v battery
  • 24v Battery Charger
  • Large 15" Rubber tires
  • 2.4 GHz parental remote control
  • (4) Upgraded High RPM HD 55,000 Milliwatt 24v Drive Motors
  • Working doors 
  • Height 30" Width 37" Length 56"
  • Ground Clearance: 9"
  • Speeds approx. 7 mph
  • Working head/tail lights
  • AUX hookup (for MP3, iPod, phone, etc.)
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Working horn and start up sounds
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Charge Time: 10-12 Hours
  • Run Time: 25-45 Minutes
  • Perfect for ages 3 yrs to 9 yrs
  • Total maximum weight capacity: 140 lbs.
  • Two adjustable seat belts
  • Extra 21" wide adjustable leather seat for 2 kids
  • Long travel rear shock absorbers
  • Front internal cup suspension
  • Stickers and front spring covers may vary

In The Box

  • 4x4 24v Challenger Buggy 
  • Plush Leather Seat
  • Solid Rubber Tire Set
  • Parental RC Remote
  • Instruction Manual
  • 24v Charger
  • Pre-Installed 24v Battery Pack

Note: Due to the all-wheel drive system, this vehicle has a very abrupt start and stop. Please use caution when younger children are riding as it will take off very quickly and will stop very abruptly.


Big Toys Green Country offers lifetime customer service. The manufacturer carries a 6-month parts warranty on parts excluding batteries, tires and chargers. This is a heavy toy, minor blemishes or rub marks in plastic body & Chrome dipped components are normal due to the shipping process. Major shipping damage must be reported immediately or will be assumed as user damage.

11 Reviews

  • 5
    Stout and well built

    Posted by Jake on 27th Sep 2022

    This is my second or third electric kids buggy of some variety or another. The Challenger XL is sturdily built and lives up to its description. Highly recommend. PROs: - 4WD. Buggy is very good for light offroad action. - Speed/Power. Handles hills/dips under full load true to its features list - Quiet. The tires are not air-filled pneumatic, they are plastic with rubber over-coating, but it works as designed. Cons/Concerns: - Abrupt start/stop- as advertised it has an abrupt stop. Have your children use the harness style seat belts- they work! Not really a "con" just something to be aware of. - Turning radius is a little wide, not a major flaw but something to consider. - Startup sound. It has a very cool start-up "vroom vroom" that my kids enjoy. But this is followed by a voice that says "THE CAR IS STARTED BUCKLE YOUR SEATBELT." While I understand the desire to teach kids about car safety, as the adult who has to listen to it I find it annoying. Certainly not a deal breaker but I wish it didn't do that.

  • 5
    The Best Option for Fun

    Posted by MPorter on 22nd Sep 2022

    I bought this for my daughter's 3rd birthday. It's powerful, no doubt. I've kept it on the lowest speed and have found tapping the forward button on the remote control will lessen the abrupt start/stops of the 4x4 motors. Turning the vehicle will also act as a natural brake. The shock absorbers are for real, this toy will climb and roll over bumpy terrain no problem. The remote control function is awesome for where we're at right now. I bought the white model then bought some vinyl car wrap through a third party and cut up some decals for decoration. The challenger is big, my wife can cruise it. My daughter is very tall for her age but will be able to ride this toy for years due to the sliding seat and powerful motors. Big shout out to Rubio in sales/customer service. I spoke with him on three occasions; twice for sales/product understanding, and once for technical knowledge. I couldn't get the stereo to read a micro SD card...Rubio worked the same problem on his end. We ultimately found that a USB full of MP3 with no folder (MP3s only on the flash drive) would play easily. I hit the circular M button, then the play button, then I hear all the music I'm looking for from the USB. The harness is good for older kids but we need to use a carabiner to choke the slack out of the excess size for our little girl, which works, however, some extra build cost could go into the harness. Tires are definitely not molded plastic but somewhere between true rubber and rubber foam. Shipping was about one week. I had no issues with delivered condition and spent about an hour on assembly.

  • 5
    A fun 4x4 for the kids!

    Posted by Nick McKinney on 9th Aug 2022

    We just received the 24v Challenger XL 2.0 4x4 buggy yesterday, 8.8.22. I have a 2 yr. old and a 4 yr. old and they were absolutely thrilled to ride around in their new ride. This buggy is powerful and almost too much power for them. I shouldn't have shown my oldest the High / Low power toggle button because she likes to go fast. Lol SHIPPING: I ordered this on a Tuesday hoping to get it by a Saturday, which was the original date FedEx ground provided, but it was delayed until Monday. Not a huge deal. I learned that they can't provide expedite shipping due to the batteries being unable to ship via air. ASSEMBLY: It was a breeze to put together. It took my wife and me about 15 min in total. If the instructions aren't clear enough for you, do a YouTube search for "big toys green country assembly" to see a detailed assembly video for this car. HIGHLIGHTS: The seat belts are a must being that this thing takes off and stops abruptly. Tapping the forward or reverse button on the remote will alleviate most of the jerks. My recommendation for the seat belts is to cross the shoulder straps behind their back/neck area to keep them from falling off their shoulders. I plan on rigging up a small elastic band that will hold the two shoulder straps closer together that way it won't rub their necks raw by crossing the straps. The adjustable seats are a nice feature as well! The headlight and taillights are gimmicky, but ultimately they look cool. I tried them out last night in the dark and they aren't focused enough to allow for safe night driving. I may add a small battery-powered LED to the front when we go camping and for other nighttime rides. The tires on this are very nice compared to the hard plastic wheels on other "power wheels" on the market. They seem durable and they grip very well. They are hard plastic tires with a rubber/foam type grip coating on the outside. I read about people complaining that they want full rubber tires, but they forget that this thing needs to be light enough for a ~30 lb. person to turn the wheel. The battery life on the unit is impressive. It didn't slow down at all in the 2+ hours we were playing with it last night right after assembly. I charged the unit up for 2 hours afterward and it showed a green light on the charger before I unplugged it for the night. I'll test it out more this coming weekend to see if it indeed needs to be charged 8-10 hours after each ride as it states on the site. This unit has the ability to have a "swappable" battery, but you have to ask for a link to it from BTGC after you purchase the vehicle. It's $100 and includes the battery, box, and charger. I bought one and it should be here today, 8.9.22. Remember that you'll need to undo a few screws to swap the battery. This is inconvenient but it sure beats waiting until the next day to ride it after the battery is exhausted. The radio/screen looks cool and the speaker gets pretty loud, at least it's loud enough for the riders to enjoy. Bluetooth works well. There is a gauge on the screen that says 24.1 -25.5 or some numbers around that range… My thought is that this is a gauge showing the battery life or active voltage, but I didn't get to look at it closely in all our excitement. I did look at the manual today but it didn't mention anything. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Before ordering I called the 800 number and talked to a sales support rep about all the features and they really seemed knowledgeable about the different options available. They were almost talking me towards the other lesser 2x4 units based on my needs (younger children), but I was adamant about getting the more powerful 4x4 option so that we don't have any issues going over hills and rocks. And… bragging rights if I'm being honest. lol Hopefully, it's not needed, but you can get every part for this car if something breaks later down the road. The prices look reasonable as well, especially compared to the $650+ price tag. I saw the parts on the website they sent me the link to for the spare battery I purchased. Overall, this buggy is a beast and a step up from all of the other ride-on toys we've owned or seen at our friend's houses. I am really looking forward to all the fun adventures my girls will have with it and I'm hoping we will have this for years to come!

  • 5
    Xl 4by4 buggy

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Nov 2020

    Very pleased with the product. My 3 year old grandson loves it. It arrived earlier than expected. Put it together wasn't hard. Definitely would shop here again.

  • 5

    Posted by Christy on 26th Sep 2020

    Bought this for our 2 1/2yr’s a little advanced for him because all the controls are at his fingertips & he wants to touch everything but we wanted something he wouldn’t outgrow right away & also needed something that would drive over grass & wooded areas... let me say This thing is a beast! I read other reviews about the remote not reaching & it not driving up inclines but ours works amazingly over grass leaves, branches, & uneven terrain. Couldn’t have ordered anything better! We live on 20 acres of mostly uncleared land in the Georgia woods & it runs like a champ! It’s super fast & Our kid never wants to get out of his new ride. I was going to order a different one off their website at first but after calling BTGC they recommended other vehicles that would suite our offroad needs better & so glad I listened....Thanks BTGC!! 5 Stars all the way!

  • 5
    Absolutely amazing!

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jul 2020

    This ride on is light years ahead of others. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jun 2020

    I will say this machine is much larger than I anticipated. Assembly was simply and instructions were clear. The radio/remote system malfunctioned on first run but the outstanding customer service of BTGC is the best. Shipped new part and walked me through fixing it. Will definitely purchase again in the future!!!

  • 4
    Solid Construction and Good Value for the Price

    Posted by Justin on 30th Jun 2020

    We've had this for about a week now, and our daughter (15 months old) loves it! I'll be short and sweet with my initial take-away Pro's and Con's below: Pro's Very well built, easy to put together (20min) Adjustable seat is great! (Our 15month old can actually reach the pedal with plenty of room to grow). 4WD works good on humped ground to prevent from being 'high centered' and spinning the tires. I know the website warned about the 4WD not being ideal for grass, but it seems to buzz along fairly well on my grass. So far it has lasted pretty long without dying, although I thought the batteries were on the small size [(2) 12V 7ah batteries wired in series] for a ride on with (4) 24V motors. The seat itself is very nice and comfy and the bluetooth works well. I like the lights and the suspension seems to soften the ride a little bit (although there is very little suspension travel). It's also very convenient to charge with the dash mounted charging port. Con's The steering servo that is controlled by the remote is very slow. I am still not used to how slow it reacts, but we will hopefully only need the remote for 1 season so I can deal with it. The remote itself is very cheap, but seems to function ok, but the range of it is SHORT! I'd say maybe 30 feet max, which means that I have to basically run around behind it to keep it going. When trying to go up a small incline from a stop, it struggles and only moves for a second and then stops. I thought the torque of (4) 24V motors would be enough to at least crawl up a small hill or dirt pile, but it won't. When going downhill with the accelerator pressed (pedal or remote), it will start to go faster than it can push itself normally, so when you let go of the accelerator it comes to a stop rather violently. My daughter would hit her head on the steering wheel or windshield frame, so I quickly learned not to lift off the accelerator, and to just keep it going until it came to another hill and naturally slowed down a little first. As for the seat belt, the top mounts are so wide and low that there's no way to keep them on my daughters shoulders, let alone any kid that's taller than her. We had to cross the straps behind her and then come over her shoulders, which works pretty well, but then it has the effect of wanting to pinch the back of her neck. The "easy start" is a nice option for a really little kid, but I think my daughter would like the quick start a little. Also, if you let off the accelerator for a second while at speed, then press it again while still moving rather fast, it still applies power slowly, which in that circumstance isn't necessary. I may be splitting hairs here, but if they are looking for ways to improve upon what they already have, it could be food for thought :-) Overall, for the price, it's still definitely worth the extra $200 from a Power Wheels purchased at Walmart or something, just for the 4WD, seat, and remote control function. It definitely makes a regular power wheels look dinky and cheap when side by side. It needs improvements yet, but it's the best thing readily accessible out there right now, so I'll take it.

  • 4
    Great Product

    Posted by Unknown on 25th May 2020

    This a great vehicle. Heavy duty. My 3 yr old triplets can actually fit this car, as they are really tall. Just a couple of issues but none too serious. It tends to slow down when you are turning. When you are using the remote, the car really jerks to a stop. Even with the seatbelts on, their heads jerked forward and hit the windshield part. When using the remote make sure the seat is all the way back and then they don't hit their heads.

  • 5
    This thing is a monster!

    Posted by Bryan on 5th Feb 2020

    I put both of the boys on and let me tell you this buggy is unstoppable!

  • 5
    Great product!

    Posted by Jess on 18th Jan 2020

    We absolutely love this car and so does our 3 year old son. We did have a few issues due to shipping damage but BTGC was there and ready to fix things as quickly as possible, and that’s what they did. We’re very thankful for that. They made sure things went as smooth as possible. I 100% recommend Big Toys Green Toys.