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Posted by Brian on 3rd Jan 2017

It looks phenomenal, that's a given. But it also has opening doors, full featured entertainment system, a parental remote, EVA rubber tires, upgraded battery and motors. It can be hard to find the tires, motors and batteries all in one ride on. I think it's worth the price to get something of such high quality and so full featured.

Posted by Unknown on 1st Jul 2016

I bought it for my 10 month old daughter and she loves being driven around in it since she can't drive it herself. My daughter really likes taking rides in it, it was fairly easy to assemble, despite the somewhat confusing instructions, and the battery stays charged for a good amount of time. I have never had it going for more than 30 minutes so I'm not sure how long it lasts as she gets tired of it before 30 minutes. 

Posted by Unknown on 1st September 2017

Just bought this product and it is a BEAST... Climbs hills like no other, a decent speed, looks awesome, and ride height is pefect for driving over rocks and branches. Love this unit and definitely believe no other car is like it.