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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Parts: We offer parts for every item we sell and most parts are under warranty through our various suppliers. This is for our customers only who purchased a vehicle on

Shipping Damage: Please contact us immediately with PHOTOS (no later than three days after delivery) for further instructions. To process the exchange on damaged items you MUST keep the original box and all packaging. Do Not Assemble the product until we assess damage photos or it will be considered user damage. We have 99% of parts for every item we sell. In most cases we will send out the part that received shipping damaged so it will not warrant for a return. In most cases, we will return and replace your item with the exact same model in the event of shipping damage where parts cannot be replaced.

Ride on Product Warranty and returns: We have expert support ready via phone and email, along with parts and support videos. In rare situations that we are not able to troubleshoot an issue via phone or email you may need you to send the item in for a Warranty claim. Please follow directions below.

If in certain situations that an item needs to be returned, please simply follow instructions below.

  1. Please DO NOT ship any products until you receive an e-mail with return instructions. 
  2. Please e-mail us at Include the order date, product name, reason for return, your name, address and telephone number to receive an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization).
  3. In the event an item is to be returned, all items must be returned freight/shipping paid by the customer. You may also incur a 20% restocking fee. 
  4. We recommend that you ship your returns via insured mail/freight for protection against loss or damage.
  5. Upon arrival of the item and completion of our inspection a refund or replacement will be processed.

The following conditions are not covered by our warranty policy.

  • Failure to follow the minimum maintenance requirements on gas powered items. 
  • Modification of any kind. (Cool stickers are OK) 
  • Items that have been closed out/refunded as damaged by shipper where parts can't be replaced.
  • Damage caused by an accident.
  • User damage of any kind.
  • Unit being used for commercial or rental use.

24V & 36V ATV, Go-Kart Warranty

ATVs and Go-karts purchased through Big Toys Green Country come standard with a 3-month parts warranty through the supplier. The warranty period will begin on the date you receive your vehicle. (Note: Customer must be able to perform general maintenance such as adjusting brakes, chain tension, etc., and must be capable of changing out parts themselves.)

The following is a list of items not covered by the warranty policy; Brake pads, tires, body panels, fuses, light bulbs, chains, spark plug, belts, batteries.

Note: We do not accept returns based on buyer’s remorse due to large items and high shipping cost.  Please make sure you are satisfied and have gathered all details before you purchase any item. For example; all items on the site display the size and recommended age, along with video showing the product in detail.

Explanation of Free Shipping: All the items on our site state free shipping. This makes it simple so there is one flat rate price for a product.  We as a company do have to pay shipping and it is calculated into the overall price of the item.

Larger Priced Products: In some cases with high-ticketed items, a wire transfer may be required for payment.

Cancellation Policy:  Due to the size of the items we sell it is usually not possible to cancel an order that has been placed and has gone into processing. We are NOT able to cancel most orders. In the case that we are able to cancel an order all costs that may arise because of the cancellation after or before item is shipped must be paid in full by customer. If the order is canceled at anytime there will be an automatic $40.00 cancellation fee for payment processing and loading/unloading labor. If your product has left the warehouse and you cancel the order the shipping company will have still charged freight costs regardless of your cancellation. At this point you will be responsible for all shipping fees.

We reserve the right to refuse an order for any reason. We also reserve the right to cancel any order, which we have already accepted. Should an accepted order be cancelled by us, we will refund any payments for such order in FULL. An accepted order may be cancelled by us and FULLY refunded under (including but not limited to) the following circumstances:

  1. The product becomes unavailable.
  2. Our security system flags your order as unsafe or potential fraud.
  3. Your address is unverifiable or not a physical address.
  4. We have reason to believe you are not legal age to make the purchase.

Pre-Order Cancellation: If you purchase an item that is a pre-order item with an estimated ship date, keep in mind that pre-order items involve import/export between 2 countries and delays can occur due to many reasons. We cannot be held responsible for pre-order delays due to war, natural disasters, pandemic, etc. The same fee applies as listed above. If any order is canceled at any time, there will be an automatic $40.00 cancellation fee for payment processing.

Theft or vandalism: Big Toys Green Country is not responsible for lost, stolen or vandalized products nor is it covered by any warranty. It is recommended to add the items to your insurance policy in case of a loss.

Package Theft AFTER delivery: While we do insure all packages with the shipping companies we use for lost or damaged items, Big Toys Green Country is not responsible for stolen packages AFTER they have been delivered to recipient. Once item is delivered by Fed-ex or UPS it is now considered the buyer's property even if they are not home and did not sign for the package. It is the buyer's responsibility to protect the item from theft after delivery. It is recommended to track your package with the tracking information we provide and make arrangements with the shipping company to be present to receive your item as some items may not require a signature. 

Labor to Repair or Replace Parts: We do not reimburse any labor cost. However, we do provide free in house labor on defective items that are still under their specified warranty period. Unfortunately, batteries are not covered under warranty but are very inexpensive to purchase if needed.

Product Safety 

We are simply the retailer for any products being sold on this site, it is the customers responsibility to use common sense and operate ATVS, Karts, Dirt Bikes and Motor cycles with proper helmets and protective gear. It is also the responsibility for customers to operate in safe areas away from Roads, traffic, bodies of water, pools, steep inclines, and any source of potential danger. Some products come with parental Remotes, stop key Fobs, and other types of remote devices. We can not guarantee these remote devices to be a full safety shield, close supervision is required in case of a emergency.

Export outside U.S. Lower 48 states: Taking any product we offer or having it shipped/forwarded outside the lower 48 states voids any warranty. We also do not ship any product or parts outside of the lower 48 states.

Drop Shipping Re-Sale and Commercial use

We do not allow our products to be drop shipped, brokered or sold on 3rd parties websites. We ask that any item ordered is for direct consumer use only and not to be rented or used in any commercial use application.

 If you have any further questions, please contact us at (800) 595-2830 or email us at