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  • 48v 1000w Go-Bowen Moto  go kart
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  • 1000w 48v kids go kart Go-Bowen moto
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  • go-bowen go kart 48v 1000w
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  • big toys green country upgraded brushless go kart
  • Upgraded go-bowen brushless go kart

Baja MOTO Electric 48V Go-Kart + FREE shipping -Black

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Product Description

Baja MOTO 48V Go-Kart

The new Baja MOTO electric Go-Kart from GB is the hottest machine on the market. It features a powerful 48V battery. The new high torque upgraded brushless motor, makes for a quiet and smooth ride. Now with a non slip rear axle, giving power to both rear wheels. A chain drive and big all terrain tires help put the motor's power straight to the ground for maximum grip. All while the hydraulic rear disc brake (with vented rotors) offer fast, smooth stopping power to both rear wheels. This GB Baja 48V Go-Kart has a tubular steel frame. (making it extra rigid, and strong) Includes an upper roll bar, and side nerf bars for added safety and durability. As well as a full diamond treadplate floor, racing style 4 point seat belt, and an easy grip steering wheel. This high power Go-Kart can be adjusted to go 7, 15, or 20 MPH with the parental key. Simply turn the key to low and remove it. This restricts the Go-Kart, making sure your child cant go faster than approximately 7 MPH.

Get the best and most up to date units only at Big Toys Green Country. Your official GB Go-Kart Dealer. We carry all spare parts, and offer the best customer service. Give us a call now (800) 595-2830.


Upgraded battery system, with run times of over 2.8 hours on medium speed. Upgraded steering for a tighter turning radius and better handling.


  • Advanced intelligent battery charger

  • Free tool kit

  • Maximum rider height: 5"

  • 7, 15, 20 MPH parental speed selector (can be adjusted by parental key)

  • Adjustable seat, and safety belt

  • Quad battery system

  • Roll bar

  • Chain shield

  • High torque upgraded 48V brushless motor

  • Hydraulic disc brakes & foot pedal

  • All terrain 13" tires & steel rims

  • High tensile steel frame

  • Kart weight: 141 lbs. 

  • Max rider weight: 179 lbs.


  • Kart size: 55'' x 33"

  • Shipping weight 198 lbs.

  • Box size: 55" x 33" x 26" 

Warranty Information

All Go-Bowen products come standard with a 90-Day Bumper-to-Bumper warranty on all parts excluding batteries and wheels/tires.

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  1. No Warranty on Stolen 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Oct 2018

    The Go-Kart is great my kid loves it, But.... We left it outside one evening and it got stolen out of yard. we called Big Toys and they explained their warranty dosent cover Stolen Property, that it might be covered under our home insurance... We rent so we dont have insurance, shame on big toys for not sending out a replacement kart.

  2. Amazing little machine 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Apr 2018

    Perfect right out of the box, simple install of the roll bar. Had to adjust the seat all the way back as my daughter has long legs.
    Not hard to do as the adjuster bar is on the lower right hand side. Removed a few screw slid the seat back re-tightened and done.
    Man this things has some get up and go! She rode it for about a hour straight on and off road, and the charge never went down.
    The 100% flashed and that was about it. Great charger as well has a built in fan, and charges pretty fast. She like to adjust the speed and go a little slower off road as this has no shocks so the ride is a little rough at first.

    Packaging is amazing with the steal bars, my delivery driver was also amazing Big Toys had shipped with R & L. The driver was perfect made sure everything looked good and there was no damage before leaving. Said he had delivered quite a few of these in his travel territory.

    My daughter should get a few good years out of this, wish we had another kid to hand it down too. If you are on the fence you must leap this thing is a blast.

  3. Great go kart 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Dec 2017

    I bought the Baja Moto for my son for Christmas after reading the reviews and watching the reviews on YouTube. I felt that the Baja was the best option for the money for my son. On Christmas morning my son was so excited to see the go kart. It looked fast just sitting under the tree. It lived up to it's reviews when we got it outside and he put it through it's paces. We are very happy with our purchase and with's service.

  4. Great Product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Aug 2017

    My son started with a razor gocart, and now at 11 years old he has outgrown it. I just purchased the electric Bowen and we are thrilled. We have only ridden it in the 2nd speed so far, it is fast enough. I can't imagine how fast the 3rd would be. We totally recommend this product.

  5. Great product!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Mar 2017

    this go cart was very well packaged. Product itself is very well built and seems that it will last a long time.

  6. This is one TUFF buggy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Feb 2017

    We live on a farm and I wasn't sure this electric GoCart would go good in the pastures but man this thing climbs like a billy goat. It is double strong. Built tuff and fast, it will leave my club car golf cart in the dust. No issues. My grandson loves it. After seeing the quality of the gocart we ordered a 4 wheeler for our grand daughter.

  7. Bad Ass Kart 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Feb 2017

    I have nothing but good to say its a great little kart for my 5 yr old and it does great on the street we live on. as for off in the grass its a little rough ride but thats to be expected since it dosent have suspension.

  8. Very pleased. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Jul 2016

    I did a lot of searching around to get the most for my money. I didn't want to spend over $4-500 for a big-box toy store cart that would last 6 months so I settled on this cart and couldn't be more satisfied. Right out of the box only had to attach the upper roll-cage and off my Son went. The steering takes some getting use to but not a problem once mastered. The brakes are superb I feel very safe with him in it also power-brake slides on loose gravel are very possible once he gets it down. I took it for a spin on high to just test it (I'm 5'9" 150lbs little cramped but its not for me) the cart had no problem moving me around so if you child is young you have so much room to grow into it. My Son is 7yrs old under 50" and 50lbs and fit fairly well, just had to get a bungee to hold the shoulder harness to the middle due to his height not being over the seat. He started out on low then after about 30 mins or so moved him up to med it is perfect speed for him. He pulled me around the neighborhood for over 2hrs while I was on my roller blades (Adult supervision required). If you looking for a quiet machine and get 2+hrs for run-times this is you really worth the price bay far. If I had another child we would own two of these.

  9. Wow impressive 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jul 2016

    I have purchased 2 of these and have had this for my boys (7 year old and 10 years old) for about 2 weeks now. They love it. The best electric go kart for the price. I had to test drive it myself and I was very impressed. It rides very well in grass. I love the fact that I can change the speed from low, med, and high. I can lock it with the key to any speed without worrying that my boys are going to go too fast or flipping the go kart. I set the speed at first to low and my boys enjoyed the ride. The low speed was fine but slow for my boys. After a few test run from my boys with the low speed, I turned in to medium to see if the can handle the medium speed. It was perfect. The medium speed was pretty fast. Even at the medium speed I find it was very safe and the kart is less likely to flip. The high speed was way too fast for my boys. So medium speed it is. Needless to say the smiles on my boys face tells me I made the right choice by purchasing this go kart. The riding time per charge was very long. My boys rode their go karts for hours and still had about 25% charge.

  10. best kart ever 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th May 2016

    Just wanted to let every one know my experience with big toys! I bought one of the Big Toys Go-bowen go karts for his 6th birth day due to it has the 3 speed controls so you can turn the speed down for him. I was very skeptical and weary about making such a big online purchase due to I have had bad experiences with Amazon with a ATV I had bought a year before and not being able to return it and stuck with no support or parts I believe it was mototech brand just a heads up. So I called the big toys and spoke with Austin and he had the answer to all my questions. So I placed the order on a Sunday and had the trucking company calling me by Wednesday letting me know they would be out the next day to deliver( only took 4 days ) So I took delivery of the kart it came in a steel frame crate, just took a few simple wrenches to take the crate apart and I rolled the kart right out. next was the simple process of installing the 3 bolts to connect the roll bars after that I went ahead and turned it on it had about a full charge so I my self set it to the high speed and took it for a drive, now im 190lbs 5.7" and it was kinda a tight fit but well worth it this thing has POWER !! I felt like a kid again just flying down the street. After my short ride I had to conjure myself out of it and get the charger hooked up. On the weekend we gave it to our son he was stoked! he has had it now for 3 months and it still runs like new. now with that said I have done my research and the guys at big toys offer only the high end brushless version which we got the reason I know this is my neighbor bought what he thought was the same one from another place and got the brushed version and he has had 2 issues with some sort of control module blowing up. just a heads up he said it was a ebay seller and it was cheaper, guess the old saying comes in to play " get what you pay for"

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