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4x4 Blade XR 2.0 UTV 12v Ride On Side X Side RC w/ Rubber Tires - Jet Black

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All New Blade XR 2.0 4x4 Ride On UTV 4 wheel drive Side X Side with rubber tires 

Get your child in their very own toddler sized UTV Side X Side vehicle! There are no limits when your child has the all new Blade XR 2.0 4WD with rubber tires and long-travel suspension for better traction control around small bumps. This UTV-style ride on also has a wide 19" plush leather seat for your little adventurer. This kid-sized battery powered side x side also has an AUX/MP3 input so you can listen to music through your smart phone, tablet, or any other device with a headphone jack! So let them kick back in the nice leather seat, turn on all the cool lights, and enjoy the open trail while you have the peace of mind that you hold the remote control in your hands to stop or divert your little ones from potential danger.


Other cool features for the all new Blade XR 2.0 are front and rear long travel suspension and a pre-installed lift kit Exclusively from Big Toys Green Country for a softer ride. The Blade XR 2.0 also features Big Horn rubber tires for a great realistic look and adaptive slow-start so the vehicle takes off slowly and gently accelerates up to speed to avoid jerking the child around.


This rugged ride on UTV has exclusive factory upgraded premium drive motors. We have the high end components factory installed, and access to all replacement parts for our customers. Don't be fooled by the cheap knock-off versions on other sites with names such as "Screamer", "Wild Cross", or other scammer names. We hold all exclusive rights for factory installed upgrades.


The parental remote control features the emergency STOP button. When your child is driving near potential danger, you can press this button to disable the foot pedal and prevent the toy from moving further. The remote can control speed and directions forward, reverse, left, & right. Give your toddler control themselves using the steering wheel, foot pedal, and controls in the vehicle, or you can join in on the fun if they cannot yet maneuver the vehicle themselves.


The Blade XR features all new exclusive plush rubber tires with Dual Layer Technology!


  • HUGE 14.5" Big Horn Rubber tires
  • High Capacity 12V battery pre-installed 
  • Exclusive factory-installed lift kit (Over 9" ground clearance)
  • Exclusive 4-wheel drive system
  • Power button start
  • 3 forward speeds & reverse 
  • Comes with optional racing stickers
  • Best for ages 2-4
  • Total maximum weight capacity: 88 lbs
  • Parental remote control with emergency stop button (Remote color may vary)
  • Maximum rider height: 3'1"
  • 32" wide x 52" long x 31" High
  • MP3/AUX to play child's music
  • Working LED headlights and taillights
  • Charge Time: 10-12 Hours
  • Run Time: 40-90 minutes
  • Speed: up to 5 mph
  • Working front and rear HI-TRAVEL suspension
  • Seat belt
  • Assembly instructions/user manual 

Note: Due to the all wheel drive system, the Blade XR operates best on hard rock, gravel or hard dirt surfaces. Due to the rugged off-road design, this product has an excessively wide turning radius and is unable to make tight turns.


30-Day Limited Warranty through manufacturer. (Item is shipped directly from manufacturer, all warranty claims and tech support are handled with manufacturer directly.)

64 Reviews

  • 5
    Wow! We love our Blade!

    Posted by Emma on 11th Oct 2020

    I’ve had several other parents ask where we got our power wheel. I always recommend big toys green country. We love all the features that our blade has. Especially the remote control.

  • 4
    No thanks!

    Posted by Judd on 30th Sep 2020

    We got this for our son for Christmas. Upon arriving, the wheels were already messed up. We called to see if we could return it after we assembled it. They said they could send a replacement wheel under warranty and got it taken care of. Well we kept the thing and let me tell you, it's ita a great toy and we love it, so glad we did not return it, this was our second vehicle from them and we absolutely loved the first one too. The cons are they do have a strict return policy do to size of the items, although it turned out well and we glad we did not return it.

  • 5
    Home Run!

    Posted by Zayde's Grandpaps on 18th Aug 2020

    I read enough testimonials on here and watched enough YouTube reviews that i felt pretty confident when I hit the purchase button...but I guess you always have that knot in your stomach when you're spending $500+ on a child's toy. Well the good news is, so far, so awesome! The unit shipped and was delivered without issue or flaw. I assembled it via a YouTube video showing the process and it was perfect. I went ahead a made sure it had a full charge for when we gave it to my grandson for his birthday...and oh my gosh, the thing just ran and ran...and trust me, we put it through the paces. We piped music to it via the Bluetooth and blasted it, had the headlights and taillights on and ran it via the parental remote until we were worn out. We ran him around our hilly yard, across the street on out ATV trails, down the road to the neighbors to show it off...and the thing just ran and ran. My grandson is absolutely in his glory and has been on it as often as his mom and dad can bring him over. So Yes, thus far for us, (and him) it's been a Home Run!!!

  • 5
    My son is in love with this !!!!

    Posted by Jasmine on 15th Aug 2020

    Perfect birthday gift and not hard to assembly and this is coming from a girl who is not very handy with assembling toys love the remote control for parents to ensure safety please look no further and buy I seriously recommend

  • 5
    There is no comparison to others! 5 stars all day long

    Posted by Ryan on 10th Aug 2020

    This utv is awesome. I could go on and on but I'll save you the time. You're here for a reason and you're right to be here. This is the one to get. My grandsons absolutely love it. Adults are taken off guard and utterly impressed by the xr blade utv. It does gradually proportionally speed up which is appropriate snd the 4x4 does have substantial torque. If you're here to compare there is no comparison. These annihilate the "competition" if one could even call other options that and it is a fact not an opinion.

  • 5
    Awsome utv

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Aug 2020

    Awsome utv but wish the battery would last longer. Overall great toy

  • 3
    Good but not great

    Posted by Nelson on 3rd Aug 2020

    My children love it but for the cost i would think the minor details would be covered. Decals coming off battery doesn’t last as long as hoped it would. Seatbelt doesn’t stay around the waist it sits more around the knees/shins. Again minor discrepancies but for the cost i felt it would be covered.

  • 5
    Great machine so far

    Posted by Chris Walker on 15th Jul 2020

    We ordered this for my 2 year old for his birthday. So far everything is top notch and climbs hills and rough terrain great. The only thing I wish it had was a better battery life or a dual battery option. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase nd can't get my son out of it.

  • 5
    Absolutely awesome!

    Posted by ANGELA on 13th Jul 2020

    My daughter will turn 2 August 1st. We wanted something super cool to match our Canam and ithe trail machines so she could have a cool experience around home and at the cottage. It super awesome for her to ride on. We are super happy about the RC remote as she is to small to drive it herself. She loves to take a trip around the area. You might pay 200 more for these than Power Wheels but these have real cool tires not plastic, real 4 wheel or 2 wheel drive options lights and a full little radio with aux/-bluetooth or micro sd card. I cant say enough about these.

  • 5
    First week, thing is a wonder

    Posted by JK on 1st Jul 2020

    Had for only few days. Assembled in under two hours, with a bad arm recovering from surgery. Little sluggish on takeoff, but nice since it doesn’t snap the acceleration or olyour little ones neck. Stopping, not so subtle, but again nice, if you need them to stop in an instant. Power, wow. With a very small run of 3 feet in 4 wheel drive climbed the kiddos rock wall of swing set.

  • 4
    Very COOL

    Posted by eric dougherty on 29th Jun 2020

    So first off id like to say this thing is totally rad compared to power wheels and other stuff out there. The LED headlights and tail lights make it look official. Pros: LED Lights bright and cool, very good UTV details, nice leather look seats, remote works as it should, Bluetooth stereo, charging port. Cons: Very slow reaction to get moving, super wide turning radius, struggles to go up the slightest of inclines, plastic body scratches very easily. Overall for the style and performance vs the price of $500 I'm happy with it but was expecting better and not sure if its worth the price. Hoping theres some way I can juice up some extra power in it so it can at least climb a 15 degree incline without dying out.

  • 5
    Best on the market

    Posted by Kristen C on 28th Jun 2020

    We bought this for my 2.5 year old and it is the best there is. It runs great across grass, gravel, cattle guards, etc. He and a buddy fit perfect in the seat. The Bluetooth radio, lights, and horn sounds are over the top but work great and my son loves it all! 10 out of 10 would recommend (and have to most of my mom friends).