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24v Toyota Tundra XL Ride On Truck w/ Leather Seat & Rubber Tires - Red

$999.99 $859.99
(You save $140.00)
In stock now. This item ships via freight and takes roughly 5-10 business days to ship out of warehouse.

Product Description

Original Big Toys 24v Toyota Tundra XL TRD Ride On 2 seater Pickup Truck 

The all new Toyota Tundra XL is one of our larger ride on toys at 5' Long! Your kids can enjoy driving a realistic Toyota Tundra pick-up with all the luxuries of the real one. Some cool features include a working horn, working headlights, and a built in audio system with an AUX Input, Micro SD card slot, and a USB Thumb Drive input so they can listen to their favorite tunes. This large ride on truck has upgraded factory installed 24v drive motors for max torque and speed so your child can enjoy traversing the off-road areas and speeding down the sidewalks. Some other notable exclusive features include rubber tires, a plush leather seat, shifter and a parental remote so the parents can play along too.


We offer the original fully loaded BIG MOTOR 24V Version. Not Sold on Amazon or anywhere else online. Avoid the scammers and the knock-off clones and see why we're the best!


Other features include a plush leather seat and rubber tires that provide a smooth ride and great traction.


The parental remote control features the emergency STOP button. When your child is driving near potential danger, you can press this button to disable the foot pedal and prevent the toy from moving further. The remote can control speed and directions forward, reverse, left, & right. Give your toddler control themselves using the steering wheel, foot pedal, and controls in the vehicle, or you can join in on the fun if they cannot yet maneuver the vehicle themselves.


At Big Toys, Size Matters. See how our Tundra XL TRD Sport Truck sizes up!


All new exclusive plush rubber tires with Dual Layer Technology


  • Rechargeable 24v battery
  • 24v battery charger
  • Large 14" rubber tires
  • 2.4 GHz parental remote control
  • Working light bar
  • Dual 24V HD motors
  • Working doors & tailgate
  • Height 24" (33" to top of light bar) Width 31" (34" with tires) Length 60"
  • Large 5 foot length
  • Ground clearance: 8"
  • Speeds approx. 6 mph
  • Working head/tail lights
  • AUX hookup (for MP3, iPod, phone, etc.)
  • Working horn and start up sounds
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Run time: 25-45 minutes
  • Charge time: 10-12 hours
  • Perfect for ages 2 - 7
  • Total maximum weight capacity: 135 lbs.
  • Two adjustable seat belts
  • Extra wide leather seat for two kids

In The Box

  • 24v Toyota Tundra XL
  • Plush leather seat
  • Rubber tires
  • Parental RC remote
  • Instruction manual
  • 24v charger
  • Pre-Installed 24v battery



Warranty Information

Big Toys Green Country offers lifetime customer service. The manufacturer carries a 6-month parts warranty on parts excluding batteries, tires and chargers.
This is a heavy toy, minor blemishes or rub marks in plastic body & Chrome dipped components are normal due to the shipping process. Major shipping damage must be reported immediately or will be assumed as user damage.

Product Videos

24v Toyota Tundra XL - Review 02:15

In this video, we give an up-close review of the 24v Toyota Tundra XL! This is a ride on toy with a remote control, and we show all the exclusive features including upgraded motors, rubber tires, leather seats, and more! BUY IT NOW! - FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK! - CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE RIDE ON TOYS! -

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    In this video, we give an up-close review of the 24v Toyota Tu...

Product Reviews

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  1. BEST TRUCK EVER 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Nov 2020

    I bought this for my grandsons ages 3 and 1. The directions on how to put it together was easy to follow, it took a little over an hour. Big powerful truck, fast, working lights and horn, radio, doors and tailgate. I wish the tires had a little more real rubber on them but have not had it even a week yet so don't know if that matters yet. The boys have used it every day, well worth the money I see hours of fun ahead.

  2. Its cool kinda 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Sep 2020

    We’ve had many ride ons, and this has been a ok product but not the best, I feel its a little over priced for what it is.
    Cons its kind of cheaply made.
    Pros its 24v and fairly quick and it can actualy seat 3 small kids, it has a flip out seat they dont show on they dont mention on the site.

  3. Kids love this truck, dad likes it a lot. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th May 2020

    I hate to review things within the first week of owning it, but if you'll view this review as one for a new to me product, we can do this.

    First, the purchase of the vehicle was super easy. It was a backorder item but the estimated shipping time was accurate and the transaction was hassle free.

    Shipping was sluggish, but on time. This is my own perspective in the age of Amazon Prime. It is a freight delivery item, so no super speedy UPS or Fedex drop off. The chosen freight company was easy to work with, easy delivery scheduling and the delivery agent was gentle with the very large box.

    Unboxing and assembly was very easy. The included instructions had picture and text instructions and was easy to follow. I did tug the battery terminal sleeve loose while attaching power clips so I had to take some extra steps to expose the terminal and reattach, but the process was still easy and doesn't require special skills or tools. Does require a phillips screwdriver, 6 AA batteries and 2 AAA batteries. When installing the windshield, one of the plastic tabs bent and broke, but the windshield seems firmly attached and no worse for wear.

    The batteries came with enough charge for the kids to have a good play session, but they do recommend charging before using. Charging is very straight forward. Turn off the car, plug in the AC adapter and there is a round jack that plugs in a port on the seat to charge. The AC adapter shows a green light when powered, red light when charging then green again when finished. The red light on the AC adapter stopped working in the first two days, but the truck still charges. Just verify that the green light turns off when charging and its good to go.

    This truck is an excellent size. My two boys, 6 and 2 were able to jump in and sit comfortably. I expect it will last to about 10, just in terms of fitting inside.

    The truck has fast mode and slow mode. Fast mode is pretty fast, a very fast walk or slow jog. The switch is in the truck so the kids get to decide which they are using. My two year old found it and there is no way for me to control his access to the speed control now. So basically there is only fast mode.

    The remote control works incredibly well and at a range beyond the span of my yard. Very impressed. The remote control overrides anything the driver is doing, which is good, but a headstrong child can still operate the steering wheel and if you let go of the control button, their control reasserts itself immediately. Overall, very pleased with this feature.

    Kids are able to drive it easily. They have smashed into our fence more than once because they don't know how to drive...and worse, the truck has a real radio in it. My six year old son is learning valuable lessons about distracted driving already. By smashed, I do mean full speed impacts into a wooden privacy fence. The plastic shell of the truck body is fairly sturdy, but it is broken in multiple places already. I'm not certain how I might change construction to make it more sturdy, and it may not be a realistic request given the price point, but parents should be aware that reckless drivers will tear up the body fairly quick.

    Love the working headlights. The kids absolutely view this as a real car for them.

    The wheels are more plastic than expected. They are rubber, but not the type of rubber used in car tires. They spin and skid on asphalt like plastic wheels would. They aren't bad tires, pretty good compared to other ride on vehicles, so manage your expectations and you'll be happy.

    Battery power seems to be good for a couple of hours each time. The kids have let it die in the yard a couple of times which is inconvenient for moving it into the shed for charging, but they are learning to park it near the charger before it can't make it there on its own.

    The truck cannot be left out in the elements. If you don't have a shed or garage or maybe a carport this can be stored in, it may not be the ride on for you.

    My kids absolutely love this truck. I would be inclined to rate this as 4 stars based on the rapid destruction of truck body, but the kids don't care about that in the least. They jump in, turn it on with some pretty cool engine revving sounds, blast the radio and cruise around the yard. I've also taken them for a 2 mile jog around the neighborhood with it and they loved that even more.

  4. Best ride on ever 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Oct 2019

    I was skeptical about a 24v ride on as the ones ive gotten from wally-world have always disappointed me and my kids. This Tundra is huge, 5 feet long and it can fit both my kids, twin 4 year old girls. I have a real Tundra so my girls wanna be just like daddy.

  5. Perfect gift. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Sep 2019

    Absolutely perfect gift for 3 and 5 year old. Hit of party. Have purchased numerous motorized vehicles for grandkids over the years. No question, this is the best. Does exactly what it describes it can do.


    Posted by on 16th Jul 2019

    We bought this originally from and had to return it due to their false advertising features that dont exist and it came busted. WE JUST RECEIVED FROM BIG TOYS GREEN COUNTRY AND IT MORE THAN WE EXPECTED, MY 4YR OLD IS OVERJOYED!!! The Truck has a lot of power and has the actual rubber tires!! we give Big Toys Green Country 100 stars!!!

  7. nice truck 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Jun 2019

    We got this for my boys 5th B Day and love it we drilled out the back and fabbed up a hitch so he can pull his wagon, let me tell you this thing is frekin cool I am a good sized guy and can ride in the wagon while my 2 kids drive and it will even pull me up hills!!!

  8. WOW!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th May 2019

    We got this originally for our son to match his dad's truck. However, we were just amazed by how well this toy drove. I highly recommend this toy to all my friends and family.